Shasha Davies, The West Coast Guide to Cheese

West coast guide to cheese

Tieton Cider Works is lucky to have a friend in Sasha Davies, owner of Cyril’s in Portland, OR and author of The Guide to West Coast Cheese. Portland based TCW regional sales rep, Jennie Dorsey, asked Sasha to come up with cheese pairings for an evening and here are her suggestions.

1. Yakima Valley Dry Hopped with Beecher’s Flagship Reserve, a traditional cloth-bound and open-air aged cheese.

2. Precipice Perry with Hannah Bridge, another cheese from Beecher’s, made from cow and sheep milk and rubbed with cocoa and oil on the rind.

3. Tieton Ice with Willoughby from Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont. A semisoft and silky cheese, with a tacky rind and savory flavors that evolve into notes of cream and tropical fruit.

4. Apricot Cider with Bayley Hazen Blue, another Jasper Hill Farm cheese where the usual peppery spice character associated with blue cheese takes a backseat to sweet, nutty and grassy flavors in the milk.

Be sure to check out Sasha’s website here!