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Celery Root Gratin with Apples and Blue Cheese

Celery Root Gratin

A holiday meal is a time to bring on your best with lots of flavor and worry about the calories later.  That’s where the blue cheese comes in; it is heavenly in this gratin.   This dish makes a wonderful rich side at the holiday table, but it is also a vegetarian dish that can be […]

Duck Burgers with Cherry-Walnut Relish

Cider food pairings duck

I love the irony of this recipe. It is elegant and it is a burger at the same time. You can serve this recipe whenever you are looking for a recipe that will satisfy and surprise at the same time. The relish is perfect with the duck and adds another layer to flavor profile: sweet […]

Grilled Salmon Tacos with Chipotle Sauce

Cider food pairings tacos

This is the taco for company! I have made this recipe over and over and everyone always loves it. It’s the chipotle sauce that makes it, and really how can you go wrong with salmon. It’s the kind of taco that drips down your arm – you are warned. Makes 12 Tortillas; Serves 6 This […]

Arugula Smoked Salmon & Hazelnuts with Cherry Cider Dressing

Cider food pairings arugula

This salad was a collaboration of Olaiya Land and Sharon Campbell. Both agreed that the Cherry Cider and Salmon are a match and we thought arugula would work as the greens and that’s how we started. Cider reduction is something that I make frequently, but not with our Cherry Cider. Olaiya had this idea for […]