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Salmon Chowder with Corn and Fennel

Salmon Chowder

What’s the one compliment you want when everyone has finished a meal?  For me it satisfied, and this chowder is so satisfying.  It’s richly flavored broth takes its color from the paprika and it cooks the potatoes, corn and salmon to perfection.  Make this chowder anytime you want to look around the table and know […]

Spicy Pork Stew with Sweet Potatoes and Peanuts

Cider food pairings spicy pork

Olaiya adapted this recipe from a braised version that she created. It is extremely successful as a stew and the peanut butter is a wonderful surprise. My dad had a stand by stew recipe that he brought from Arkansas that fills my childhood memories. This recipe feels so sophisticated when I compare the two in […]

Tomato Fennel Soup

Cider food pairings tomato soup

Can you ever have enough tomato soup recipes? On those cold, rainy winter days nothing satisfies me like tomato soup and grilled cheese. Well, this recipe and pairing takes it to a new level. The toast and cheese are on top of the soup and the soup has texture. The fennel in this soup is […]

Quinoa Chowder with Spinach, Feta and Scallions

Cider food pairings quinoa

This is the most satisfying soup. When I told Olaiya that I wanted to include this with the fall selections, she said, “I want to make this soup just to see how it tastes. I can’t imagine what it will taste like.” That was my reaction also. Try it. You will be so happy eating […]