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Beef Tenderloin Roast with Pecan-Celery Leaf Pistou

Beef Tenderloin

When we started talking about Holiday Entertaining menus, Olaiya suggested making Beef Tenderloin as the main course.  I was skeptical because in the past I was usually unhappy with how the meat turned out.  Why did I doubt her?  I am in the kitchen with a pro – the technique she used to dry-brine and […]

Salmon Chowder with Corn and Fennel

Salmon Chowder

What’s the one compliment you want when everyone has finished a meal?  For me it satisfied, and this chowder is so satisfying.  It’s richly flavored broth takes its color from the paprika and it cooks the potatoes, corn and salmon to perfection.  Make this chowder anytime you want to look around the table and know […]

Penne with Salmon, Corn, Blue Cheese & Basil

Cider food pairings pasta

This is the quintessential summer pasta.  Salmon is plentiful, tomatoes and corn are sweet and the basil is growing in the garden.  I am in love with Rogue River Blue cheese and it is perfect in this recipe.   All of the elements come together and say summer. Yield: 4 servings 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 […]

Juicy Beef Burger with Spicy Celery-Apple Slaw and Sharp Cheddar

Everybody makes a Beef Burger, right. Isn’t it America’s most famous fast food? This is that burger but so much more! The spicy slaw recipe that follows provides the contrast between the moist beef and the soft bun. It is an unexpected crunch that awakens every tastebud: sweet, tart, savory and then the heat from […]

Tomato and Beet Tartines with Tarragon Pesto and Mixed Seeds

Cider food pairings tomato

I wait not very patiently for tomato season, and then I have them every day. I love that we made this sandwich. It has everything: perfectly grilled bread that holds up to moisture in the tomatoes; a tangy pesto to make it lively; beets and tomatoes, who needs to say more; and then those seeds. […]