our adventure

The fruit that is used in Tieton Cider Works cider comes from Craig and Sharon Campbell’s Harmony Orchards. This land has been in our family since the 1920’s when our grandfather planted his first trees in Tieton, Washington. We take our stewardship of the land seriously and have been farming organically for the last 25 years. As a third generation Yakima Valley farmer with a degree in horticulture from Washington State University and over thirty five years’ experience in marketing produce, Craig has always been curious about the back-story: the history, production, science, and industry of food. Growing different varieties of trees is truly what makes Craig happy and he is always looking for new varieties to plant and nurture.  In 2008 he was introduced to cider apple varieties, those gnarly, inedible wild apple varieties needed to make great cider. He planted twenty five varieties in a test block. We now have the largest acreage of cider apples and Perry pears in the state of Washington with 55 acres.  A love of land, food and drink has inspired us to make cider with the fruit we are growing at our ranch, Harmony Orchards.  We know the ciders we make are an expression of the harvest and reflective of the fruit and the place that it is grown.Craig and Sharon both maintain ownership in the company and are actively involved in the ongoing success of Tieton Cider Works.

Our People

Marcus Robert
General Manager/Owner

Marcus is our cider operations manager and cider maker. A ten year cider veteran with a nose for cider, wine, and craft beer. Contact Marcus for information about sales, cider fruit or juice.

Tom Cammann
Sales Manager

Tom joins the team with a background in the malt based/cider industry.  If you are interested in becoming a wholesale distributor of our cider please contact Tom.

Leann Wane
Western Washington Sales & Brand Manager

LeAnn is a cider sales guru. She is knee deep in the Washington market and loves to talk Cider. Tieton Cherry Cider is her favorite. To bring Tieton to your Western Washington store or restaurant, contact LeAnn.

Mitch Wise
Oregon Sales Manager

Mitch is our Oregon Sales Manager and is rocking our brand in our sister state. To bring Tieton into your Oregon Store, restaurant or bar, contact Mitch.

Production Manager/Cider Maker

Rob spends his days in the cidery as our Production Manager. Contact Rob for information about production of our cider.

Kevin Marshall
Central & Eastern Washington Sales Manager

Kevin is responsible for the Central and Eastern Washington Cider market. Want to bring Tieton to your establishment? Contact Kevin.

Fred Lopez
Cider Bar Manager

Fred is the Cider Bar manager at Tieton Cider Works. Fred loves learning about artisan food and beverages and has much knowledge how each cider is produced and bottled. For information on events, tastings and tours at the Cider Bar, contact Fred.

Nadia Urvina
Purchasing & Logistics Coordinator

Nadia handles all of the incoming orders. She is our purchasing & logistics coordinator and prefers Rambling Route Pear. Contact Nadia for questions for purchasing and shipping logistics.

Nicole Marang
Graphic Design & Digital Content Manager

Nicole manages our online presence for Tieton Cider Works and she loves an ice cold glass of Cranberry Cider. For graphics or social marketing requests please contact Nicole.