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Winter Squash Stuffed with Quinoa, Mushrooms and Cranberries

Winter Squash

Baked squash is a must on every holiday buffet.  This recipe took a bit of fussing with; our first attempt the grain was too large.  When we combined all of the ingredients with the quinoa everything came together beautifully.  The earthiness of the grain and mushrooms with the sweetness of the cranberries was what we […]

Salmon Chowder with Corn and Fennel

Salmon Chowder

What’s the one compliment you want when everyone has finished a meal?  For me it satisfied, and this chowder is so satisfying.  It’s richly flavored broth takes its color from the paprika and it cooks the potatoes, corn and salmon to perfection.  Make this chowder anytime you want to look around the table and know […]