Tieton Cider Works Cheese Pairings

Cider cheese pairings

“Rich cheeses love any carbonation present in cider- it helps cut through the creaminess of the cheese, and refresh your palate for the next bite. Slicing through butterfat and salt, cider’s acidity elevates the nuanced and complex flavors in cheese.”
Sascha Inram of Murray’s Cheese, NYC

Tieton Cider Works Cheese Pairings

1. Apricot Cider – Pair with Bianca from Tieton Farm & Creamery or with a blue-veined cheese, our favorite Rogue River Blue Cheese by Rogue Creamery or Bleu d’ Auvergne from France. Select a blue that is nutty in flavor and lighter, not heavy like Roquefort.

2. Blossom Nectar – Pair with Bianca or Black Pearl from Tieton Farm & Creamery or Pavé de Jadis goat cheese covered in applewood ash.

3. Cherry Cider – Pair it with Bianca from Tieton Farm & Creamery or Petit Basque sheep milk cheese and top with black cherry compote or chosea raw cow milk like a Tomme de Savoie

4. Tieton Blend – Pair with Venus from Tieton Farm & Creamery, which has been washed with TCW ciders or salty cheeses like a Manchego, Romano, or Parmesan.

5. Wild Washington – Pair with mild to strong traditional cloth-bound cheddars, like Beecher’s Flagship Reserve or Wensleydale by Neal’s Yard.

6. Yakima Valley Dry Hopped – Pair with a raw milk like Queso de Oveja from Black Sheep Creamery or a Swiss Gruyere.